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Sarah Loughmiller, LM, CPM

I began attending births as an assistant in 2010, enrolled in midwifery school later that same year and have attended over 350 births since. In 2015 I graduated from National College of Midwifery with an associates degree in midwifery and passed the licensing exam to become a licensed midwife in California in 2016. I beleive that birth is a natural process that can have many variations of normal. I gave birth to all three of my children at home and became more interested in midwifery care as a career after my last birth and realizing the limited choices offered to women who do not fit into the classic definition of “normal”. I believe that women should have choices in their care; and that when women are encouraged and allowed to be an active participant in their care, that they come away from the experience much more empowered and satisfied.

Home Birth Midwife Tuolumne County
Home Birth Midwife Sonora, CA
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